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+Magnetic beads
  Magnetic loose beads
  High strength magnetic beads
  Colored magnetic beads
  Magnetic necklace
  Magnetic bracelet
  Magnetic earring
  Mangetic wraps
  Magnetic NdFeBr Bracelets
  Mangetic clasps
+Semi-precious beads
  Semi-precious round
  Semi-precious faceted stone
  Semi-precious chips
  Semi-precious cubes
  Semi-precious flat heart
  Semi-precious puff heart
  Semi-precious flat star
  Semi-precious nugget
  Semi-precious oval
  Semi-precious special shape
  Semi-precious pendant
  Semi-precious carving stone
  Semi-precious necklaces
  Semi-precious bracelets
  Black onyx various shape
  Turquoise various shape
+Cat eye beads
  Cat eye color card
  Cat eye bracelet
  Cat eye carving
+Stainless steel jewelry
  Stainless steel chain
  Stainless ring
  Stainless pendant
+Lampwork beads
  New desgin
+Cultured fresh water pearl
  Loose pearl
  pearl bracelet
  Pearl necklace
+Coral beads
  Coral bracelet
  Coral necklace
  Coral earring
+Dyed shell pearl
+Nature shell pearl (MOP pearl)
+Flower glass beads
+Dyed glass pearls
+Glass seed beads
+Glass beads
+Metel alloy accessories(beads)
+Cloisonne beads
+Accessories & Findings
Magnetic beads
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4mm round

4*4 faced bicone

4*6 faced rice

6mm round

5*5 faced bicone

5*8 faced rice

8mm round

6*12 faced bicone

6*12 faced rice

4mm drum

8*16 faced bicone

5*11 faced 4-face twist

6mm drum

4mm disc

6mm pearlized round

8mm drum

6mm disc

8mm pearlized round

3*9 tube

8mm disc

8mm pearlized round

4*6 tube

6*12 4-face twist

8mm pearlized round

5*8 tube

8*8 6-face twist

8mm pearlized round

5*8 6-face tube

10*10 6-face twist

5*8 pearlized rice

4*6 rice

10*12 6-face twist

6*12 pearlized rice

5*8 rice

8*12 6-face twist

6*12 pearlized 4-face twist

6*12 rice

4mm faced round

8*8 pearlized 6-face twist

8*12 rice

6mm faced round

4*4 square

8*16 rice

8mm faced round

5*8 6-face drum

6mm saucer

6mm pentagon

6mm heart

6mm pearlized faced round

8mm pearlized faced round

10mm pearlized faced round

The above pictures are the partial show of our collection. Our company offer customized designs. For any question please contact us today at +86-21-6735-4355 or e-mail at sales@bytrader.com to get your project started.
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